The first step to a new challenge   IDEA English Camp


Learn English and dream big with the Camp that provides the best environment and curriculum for every students.

Improve your English skills in a short period of time with IDEA English Camp.

Curriculum: 4 hours of man to man classes, 4 hours of group classes, 1 hour of vocabulary and 1 hour of self-study.

Place Oasis Hotel, Tanza Cavite, Philippines
Room type 4 students + 1 Parent teacher
Allocation of the rooms will depend on the level and gender of the students.
Parent teacher is with the students for 24 hours.
Camp rate $750/Week
4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks
$3,000 $4,500 $6,000
Inclusion SSP, Visa, Books Registration Fee, Tuition Fee, Hotel, Activities, Tours, Pick up & Sending Fee, Food, Snack, Electricity, Water, Laundry, Tax
Facilities Hotel, Academy, Restaurant, Basketball Court, Mini Soccer Field, Swimming Pool, Beach & Clinic
Meal International Meal (3 meals per day and one special menu/week)
Snacks Snacks are given twice a day

Man to man Classes

Through the 4 hours of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening classes, the students will be able to learn ways on how to creatively and logically use English in different situatio

1:4 Native Group Class

Through the 2 hours of group classes with native speakers, the students will be able to learn

24 hours Parent teacher (Mother/Father teacher)

In a room, there are 4 students and one parent teacher. By living with the parent teacher for 24 hours, the students get to practive speaking English and the parent teacher takes care of the safety and health of the students.

Activity Journal and Book Review

There is a library in the academy with 1,300 books. The students are required to read one English book per week and write a book review about it. Moreover, there are tour days every week and the students are required to fill up the activity journal which requires introduction of the place they went to, and the feelings they got with the activity. By writing activity journal and book review, the students get to deepen both their English skills and knowledge.

Daily Club Activities

There are two types of activities: indoor (Chess, board game, guitar club, recycle club) and outdoor (School, basketball, swimming). Filipino teachers are the ones initiating the activity. Through these activities, the students will not only be physically healthy but they will also be able to learn English in a fun way.