Online/Phone Consultation

Any inquiries about the academy and camp could be answered via:
Phone Number: (046)431-5603
E-mail Address:

Fill up the registration form

Registration form should be filled up.
All details should be real and correct.

Guidelines will be sent

Guidelines are composed of the step by step process which should be followed in order to accomplish the enrollment.
It also contains rules and regulations of the academy.

Payment of the registration fee.

Academy: $100
Camp: $730
Registration fee warrants that the student will enroll.
Registration fee is not refundable.

Payment of the rest of the balance.

Payment should be fully paid 4 weeks prior to the start of the classes.

Invoice and confirmation letter will be sent.

Invoice of the registration fee and all other fees would be sent.
Confirmation of the enrollment will be sent via e-mail.

Copy of the ticket itinerary should be sent to the academy.

This is for the pick-up process in the airport.

Airline and pick-up guidelines will be sent.

This is composed of some reminders which are relevant when coming to the Philippines and the place and time where the student will be picked-up will be provided.


Welcome to the Philippines!


Welcome to IDEA!